We are Reformed – we hold to biblical authority as supreme, outlined in the apostolic tradition and doctrines as reaffirmed in the 16th century (Ephesians 2:20)

We are Relational – church is about building a small community dedicated to Jesus and each other, and what it means to live that out today (Acts 2:42)

We are Reaching – we are committed to sharing the gospel, that is the good news of the unmerited gift of salvation in Jesus by faith from repentance (Matthew 28:18-20).

We are an Anglican church and part of the Anglican Mission in England (AMiE). This is an internationally recognised fellowship of Anglican churches committed to gospel mission. AMiE is a GAFCON recognised Convocation (a Diocese-in-formation) and part of the Anglican Network in Europe (ANiE), which was itself authorised as an Anglican structure in 2020 by the Archbishops of GAFCON. GAFCON is a global movement of biblically faithful Anglicans.

What is an Anglican church? In short, it’s a church that holds to a Protestant Biblical Faith, as outlined in the 39 Articles, the Book of Common Prayer and the Ordinal. Ministers are appointed and licenced by Bishops.

AMiE churches are committed to maintaining that Reformed understanding of this Biblical Faith, as outlined in the 39 Articles, the Book of Common Prayer, the Ordinal, and the Jerusalem Statement and Declaration. These documents express our doctrine of God, the Bible, salvation, the sacraments and church governance.

We are also part of the Kent Gospel Partnership. This is a network of Bible-centred, local churches in Kent who are committed to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ across the region.

What we believe

Our minister

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It’s not too late to be part of this year’s Kent Women’s Convention.  Please speak to Marcia or email info.redeemer.ramsgate@gmail.com if you are interested.

Rev. Peter Harvey
Our minister was born in Yemen to missionary parents before coming to this country in the ’80s. By God’s grace, he has always known the Lord as long as he can remember, but it wasn’t until after university that he realised, after witnessing mature Christians, that he wasn’t giving his whole life to Christ. Peter had always wanted to go into ministry – in whatever shape that looked like, but it wasn’t until his late 30s that the opportunity presented itself. Peter trained at Oak Hill Theological College London before serving his curacy in Leyland. Prior to ministry, Peter was a degree qualified engineer working in pharmaceuticals, aerospace and large-scale construction. Peter is married to Zoe and they have 2 young girls. He is a passionate follower of Newcastle United and the Miami Dolphins.

Peter has agreed to lead our new church because, he, like us, will always put biblical authority over denominational allegiance.